The SIMGES module is a general simulation model for river basin or complex water resources systems management where there are control or storage elements both superficial and subterranean, and elements for collection, transport, use and/or consumption, and artificial recharge of water.

The model admits any configuration between some limits imposed by hardware capacities. Therefore, it can be used in any hydraulic resources scheme.

The simulation is done at a monthly scale and can reproduce the water flow through the system at any spatial scale the user prefers.

In the superficial subsystems the flow is calculated by continuity.


The aquifers and the relations between river and aquifer are simulated with simple unicellular or multicell models or using the eigenvalues method for distributed groundwater models which consider the hydrodynamic properties of the studied aquifer.

The SIMGES model also considers the return flows to the surface system and the infiltration to the groundwater. It also takes into account the evaporation and infiltration loses from reservoirs and the relationship between surface water and groundwater.

The water resources management is simulated using operation rules which try to maintain a similar filling level in reservoirs from a reservoir zone curves. These curves are the operating rules themselves and are usually given by the model user. It is allowed the definition of environmental flows as well as different water use priorities.

The simulation and management of the surface system are done at the same time using a network flows optimization algorithm. This algorithm determines the flows through the system trying to satisfy the multiple objectives of deficit minimization, and maximum adaptation to the reservoir objective volume curves and the hydroelectric production objectives. Moreover, this optimization is improved with an iterative process of solution of the network, what allows improving the quality of the simulation of non-linear processes such as infiltrations, evaporations and surface and groundwater relationship.

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